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Arash Habibi

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Associate professor in computer science at the University of Strasbourg

Faculty member in the Computer Science Departement, Mathematics and Computer Science Unit

Researcher at the Engineering science, computer science and imaging laboratory


Field : Computer Graphics

Keywords : Sketch-based modeling, animation by physical modeling, natural phenomena


Levels : Graduate (Bachelor) and post-graduate (Master) in Computer Science

Courses :

  • Algorithmics and programming (Algorithms in python in first year bachelor)
  • Computer Culture and Practice (learning bash in first year bachelor)
  • 3D computer graphics (modeling, animation, rendering)
  • Data Structure and Algorithms (second year bachelor)
  • Data Bases (relational algebra and SQL in second year bachelor)
  • Web programming (javascript in second year bachelor)
  • Operating systems (second year bachelor)
  • Computer Networks (TCP/IP in third year bachelor)
  • 3D geometry (Geometry/OpenGL in third year bachelor)
  • Interaction in 3D animated worlds (Master)

Here is my page on the computer science department site.

Brief Resume

Since 09/1998 : Associate profressor at the University of Strasbourg

Since 09/2014 : Director of Studies of the computer science department

Since 09/2018 : In charge of the computer science first year bachelor

Between 09/2000 and 09/2002 : In charge of the computer science IUP's first year

Between 09/2003 and 09/2012 : Technical Director et CG graphist in BUF Compagnie and Illumination Entertainment animation studios. Filmography : Alexandre (Oliver Stone 2004), Arthur and the Minimoys (Luc Besson 2006, 2009 et 2010), Speed Racer (Lilly and Lana Wachowski 2008), Thor (Kenneth Branagh 2011), Despicable Me 2 (Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin 2010)

1997-98 : Postdoc-researcher at the computer graphics team at the University of Montreal, Canada

1993-1997 : PhD at the Computer Science and Arts (ICA) team in the LIFIA and CLIPS labs, Grenoble


January 1997 : PhD at INPG on Study, by simulation, of the relation between shape, motion and image

1993 : DEA Cognitive Science - at INPG

1992 : Electrical engineering at INPG




ICube UMR 7357 CNRS - Université de Strasbourg
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BP 10413
300 Bd Sébastien Brant
67412 Illkirch cedex
Bureau C115
Tel (pôle API) : +33 (0)3
Tel (département) : +33 (0)3
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