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  • 3D-Surg (Surgery in 3D): The IGG team (D. Bechmann, A. Capobianco, T. Blandet) participates in BPI 3D-Surg project: Surgery in 3D from 2015 to 2019, driven by Luc Soler. Task 3.4.1- New 3D interaction models contactless (financing of a PhD student) and Task 3.4.2- Optimization and prototyping for real-time interaction (financing of an engineer over 2 years). IGG budget for around 262k€.
  • Haystack (Simulation and planning of percutaneous procedures for liver tumor ablation): IGG team (C. Essert) participates to project IHU Haystack 2012-2015, PI Stéphane Cotin (EPI Inria Shacra), co-PI Caroline Essert. Budget 200 k€. This project aims at developing a biomechanical model of needle insertion in abdominal soft tissue, and the elaboration of a new automatic needle trajectory planning method taking into account a prediction of the deformation of the needle and organs in order to anticipate them. The applications are percutaneous thermal ablations of abdominal tumours.
  • BILIKIMO (BIomechanical LIver and KIdney MOdels) : The IGG team (D. Cazier) participates in the project IHU BILIKIMO from 2013 to 2016, driven by Stéphane Cotin (Mimesis Inria Team). Budget 360 k€. Development of accurate and real time, patient specific, biomechanical models of liver and kidney. These models will be based on multi-resolution volume meshes allowing for new optimization strategies. They will be integrated into the simulation framework SOFA. These models will be the basis of many IHU projects, like: surgery training; intervention planning and augmented reality for the assistance in interventional radiology or laparoscopy.