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  • Stéphane Cotin, project team leader MIMESIS joined the IGG team from 08/06/2015 to December 2020. Almost all the members of this project team were then integrated into the IGG team (with the exception of one or two people in AVR) until the creation in January 2021 of a new MLMS team within ICube, mainly made up of members of the IGG team.
  • Franck Hétroy-Wheeler is an associate member of the MOSAIC team at the Inria Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes center on the theme of geometric analysis of plants.
  • Around the theme of the topology-based modeling, David Cazier was a member and than an associate member of the team-project MIMESIS project since its creation in 2013.
  • Around the formal proof thematic, Nicolas Magaud and Julien Narboux participates to the team-project CAMUS, in cooperation with the INRIA Nancy Grand-Est since its begining in 2010 by Philippe Clauss (head of the team ICPS).