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  • CIFRE PhD thesis co-advised by Dominique Bechmann with Inétum (ex-Gfi-Labs) on the Animation of avatars in a context of multi-support collaboration in a 3D environment (Martin Heitz PhD thesis, 2022-2025).
  • Industrial contract between IGG and IRCAD on ultrasound data visualization led by Jean-Michel Dischler 2021-2024. Financing of Erwan Duhamel's thesis (2021-) co-supervised by Jonathan Sarton. Amount for IGG: 131 250k€.
  • CIFRE PhD thesis co-advised by Franck Hétroy-Wheeler with Arvalis Institut du Végétal on plant organ visual characterization for phenotyping (Mélinda Boukhana PhD thesis, 2018-2021).
  • CIFRE PhD thesis co-advised by Dominique Bechmann with Gfi-Labs on a Proposal of a web protocol for multi-support collaboration in 3D environment (Julien Casarin PhD thesis, 2016-2019).
  • 3D-Surg project BPI Banque Publique d'Investissement headed by Luc Soler with Visible Patient, Alioscopy, Altran, e-Media, Optinvent, Therapixel in 2015-2019. Amount for IGG : 244 k€.
  • PALEO-GTM CITPEH 07-2018 project (18 months) on construction of different deposit episodes of a complex stratigraphic column using 3D modeling relying on real data with geosiris, XLIM (equipe IG), LIS (equipe G-Mod).
  • CIMBEES project FUI Fonds Unique Inter-Ministériels and FEDER Fonds Européen de Développement Régional headed by Charpentes Martin with St-Gobain, LeGrand, Maison Natura Concept, CSTB, HOLO3 and CRESS UdS in 2012-2015. Amount for IGG : 120k€.
  • Industrial contract with Allegorithmic on the multi-scale appearence modeling and rendering of 3D objects, headed by Jean-Michel Dischler in 2014. Amount for IGG : 53k€.
  • Industrial contract with the CEA on the acquisition, processing and rendering of complex objects, headed by Jean-Michel Dischler in 2008. Amount for IGG : 41k€.
  • Research collaboration with the LRPC "Laboratoire régional des Ponts et Chaussées" in Strasbourg on the visibility distance computation from a 3D road model, headed by Jean-Michel Dischler in 2008. Amount for IGG : 10k€.