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  • IGG team (all its themes except VR) is part of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute ITI IRMIA 2021-2028.
  • Idex 2021, Exploratory Research Program (Antonio Capobianco)
  • Idex U2C 2019, Participatory Research Program (Antonio Capobianco): Digital mediations and services for vulnerable people
  • Idex 2019, Postdoc program (Basile Sauvage): 24 months postdoctoral fellowship (2020-2021) on "synthesis and rendering of complex procedural textures".
  • Idex 2018, Attractiveness program (Franck Hétroy-Wheeler) : 12 months postdoctoral fellowship (2019-2020) on "Designing a simulator for planning Terrestrial laser scanner-based forest inventories".