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Daniel Oberfeld-Twistel, Associate Professor at Johannes Gutenberg - Universität Mainz (Institute of Psychology), obtained the Chaire Gutenberg 2019 to collabore with IGG team and in particular, with Birgitta Dresp-Langley, DR CNRS who joined the team in January.

Under the conduct of Jean-Michel Dischler, the IGG group has hosted the international conference EUROGRAPHICS'2014 in Strasbourg. In 2015, Jean-Michel Dischler was appointed Fellow of the Eurographics Association. After Coquillart Sabine (1999), Marie-Paule Cani (2005), Francois Sillion (2005) and George Drettakis (2007), it is the 5th active researcher in computer graphics in France named as Fellow of the Association to reward contributions to the association as well as to research in computer graphics, rendering and visualization. Since then he is also member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (EXC).

The expertise of IGG team in texture analysis and synthesis has been recognized by the acceptance of a paper at the SIGGRAPH 2016 conference along with a publication in the ACM Transactions on Graphics journal. It is a joint work of the University of Strasbourg (Basile Sauvage, Rémi Allègre and Jean-Michel Dischler) and the Computer Graphics Group of the Yale University (Yitzchak Lockerman, Julie Dorsey and Holly Rushmeier).

The IGG team scientific quality was already recognized by the acceptance of two papers at the SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 and SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 conferences along with a publication in the ACM Transactions on Graphics journal, the first ranked computer science journal in the category software engineering according to its impact factor in 2014 (source: InCites Journal Citations Reports). The papers respectively propose a multi-scale texture generation method that achieves a feasible balance between computation time and memory cost and a noise by example generation method that also accounts for some weak structural components in exemplars.

Around the medical simulation theme, the IGG group is engaged since March 2011 in the IHU MIX-Surg Institute for image guided surgery in Strasbourg and in the INRIA MIMESIS project on computational anatomy and simulation for medicine headed by Stéphane Cotin. The latter has obtained in 2018 Prix de l’innovation Inria – Académie des sciences – Dassault Systèmes.

Awards :

  • The paper Semi-Procedural Textures Using Point Process Texture Basis Functions by Pascal Guehl, 4th year doctoral student in our group, Rémi Allègre and Jean-Michel Dischler, written in collaboration with Bedrich Benes (Purdue University, USA) and Eric Galin (LIRIS, Université de Lyon, CNRS), presented at EGSR 2020, The 31st Eurographics Symposium on Rendering, and published in Computer Graphics Forum, received the Honorable Mention, which is the prize just below the best paper (over 19 accepted papers).
  • The article of Julien Casarin and Dominique Bechmann at CSCW2018, The 21st ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Comptine, obtained an Honorable mention Awards (through 293 accepted articles, 11 Best paper awards and 19 Honorable mention awards (including our article)) for the work on UMI3D: A Unity3D Toolbox to Support CSCW Systems Properties in Generic 3D User Interfaces.
  • The article of Andrea MendizabalEmail and Stéphane Cotin at MICCAI 2018 obtained a MICCAI Spotlight (about 2% of oral papers) : A Combined Simulation and Machine Learning Approach for Image-Based Force Classification During Robotized Intravitreal Injections.
  • Kenneth Vanhoey received a PhD award 2015 (prix de thèse 2015) from Université de Strasbourg, for its thesis on « Joint Treatment of Geometry and Radiance for 3D Model Digitisation ». These prices are annually given to 20 outstanding PhD thesis that were presented in the previous year.
  • Caroline Essert co-authored in 2014 a paper in collaboration with MediCIS group of LTSI Rennes, and CENIR in Paris, that won the ISCAS Olympus best paper award 2014, at conférence CARS, on the topic of pre-operative planning for deep brain stimulation (best paper among 95 oral presentation).
  • The IGG team, in collaboration with the technology transfer center Holo3, has won the 3DUI Contest 2014, organized jointly to IEEE VR, the most important international conference in virtual reality, on the topic « Selection and hierarchical annotation of 3D point clouds ».
  • The ANR ACouStiC project (in which Caroline Essert is involved) received the 2013 « grand prix du pôle de compétitivité Images et Réseaux » of the Bretagne region. This award emphasizes the relevance of the project and the quality of produced work.
  • Thomas Jund, under the supervision of David Cazier and Jean-François Dufourd, obtained a « SIAM Student Travel Award » for his participation at the SIAM-ACM Joint Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling, October 5-8, 2009, San Francisco, California.