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  • David Cazier animates the Meshing working group of the transverse axis on Scientific Computing of the ICube laboratory.
  • The IGG team (Pierre Kraemer, David Cazier) head the ICube internal project TubularMesh -- 3D Meshes for fluid simulation in vascular networks -- from 2016 to 2018, in collaboration with the MécaFlu (Isabelle Charpentier, Pascal Finaud-Guyot et Yannick Hoarau) and MMB team (Caroline Deck) within the transversal axis on Scientific Computing.
  • The IGG team (Caroline Essert) participates to the internal project of the ICube lab OPRA (Planning tools for robotized needle insertion) from 2015 to 2016, in collaboration with AVR team (Bernard Bayle).
  • Hyewon Seo was granted a Quality Research Bonus from the University in 2010 on the project "Measurement and Analysis of Human Skin Deformation". Budget : 39 900 € of hardware.
  • At the laboratory level, IGG participates to the mobilization program Medical and surgical Imaging and Robotics (IRMC). This mobilization program (coordination M. De Mathelin), involves IGG, MIV and AVR since 2002. The partners are IRCAD and IPB.