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David Cazier

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Full Professor in Computer Science at Université de Strasbourg

Phone ICube : +33 (0)3-68-85-45-68 Phone IUT : +33 (0)3-88-05-34-31
Fax ICube : +33 (0)3-68-85-44-55 eMail : david.cazier AT

Geometric models for the Virtual Reality: Representation // Simulation // Interaction

Source of innovation, subject of futuristic scenarios, bearing of dreams, virtual reality fascinates the general public and feeds the research activities of many laboratories around the world. Based on the immersion of users and the notions of interactivity and real-time, the virtual reality makes it possible to to immerse oneself in a synthesis environment to better understand, build or modify reality. It is used in many sectors: from architecture to urban planning, to health, research and industry.

Create realistic virtual worlds with which users can interact in real time requires the development of geometric models of increasing complexity, supporting a wide range of simulations (behavioral, mechanical, multi-physics). Often to speed up numerical processing, rendering and interaction possibilities, they are associated with hierarchical or multi-scale structures.

My research took place in this framework and are divided into three axes:

  • generic and multiresolution models adapted to a wide range of meshes;
  • structuring of space to improve real-time interaction (combinatorial topology);
  • development of tools to generate such models and adapt them to specific treatments.