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  • The IGG team (Antonio Capobianco) participates in the AntisemoCoG Project Emotional Dysregulation in healthy volunteers and adults with autism spectrum disorder without an intellectual disability: an ecological, cognitive and psychophysiological approach funded by the John Bost Foundation led by Luisa Weiner from the LPC (Laboratory of Psychology of Cognitions), 2021, €150k.
  • The IGG team (Antonio Capobianco, Thomas Lehoux) participates in the PCOC Project Virtual reality and the fight against addiction: development and evaluation of a VR application for cognitive behavioral therapies jointly led by Luisa Weiner of the LPC ( Laboratoire de Psychologie des Cognitions) and Antonio Capobianco, in collaboration with the association ITHAQUE, the CHU of Martinique and the CH of St Esprit, 2021, Doctoral funding by the National Cancer Institute (INCA) and the Health Research Institute (IReSP) #AAC21-SPA-04. Funding of a pilot project for a period of 24 months as part of the call for research projects to combat the use and addiction to psychoactive substances (SPA - INCA-IRESP). Amount €100k.
  • The IGG team (Antonio Capobianco, David Cazier, Kévin Béranger) leads the USUEL Project on the digital divide, funded by the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) and Caisse National Solidarity for Autonomy (CNSA) co-funding a call for scientific research projects on the use of digital technologies in the fields of health, autonomy (related to age and disability) and access to rights, in collaboration with the Center Animation Social de Familial (CASF) of Bischwiller and the IUT of Haguenau, 2021-2024, Amount: €130k.