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Specifications, Constraints and Proofs in Geometry

Formalization and theorem proving in geometry

Illustration of Desargues theorem

Specification of a segmentation operation on 2D image represented by colored hypermaps (Détail)

Jfd seg subd1seg.png
Jfd seg hmap2.png
Jfd seg hmap3.png

Jfd seg hmap2seg.png
Jfd seg hmap3seg.png

Specification and resolution of geometric constraints

Geometric translation of a solution found algebraicaly
Direct construction
Cg moteur anim.png
Cg plan tangent.jpg
Cg lampe.jpg

Formalization and planning of surgical interventions (Détail)

Inclusion of biomechanical simulations in the optimization loop [2-HPCE16].
Constraint solving for deep brain stimulation electrode placement [2-EHLA12].
Thermal propagation computation for cryoablation [2-JE15].
Possible insertion points on a Pareto front [4-HVCJ16].
Caro coloration aiguille sanspeau.jpg
Caro zonesoptimisationdec2006 detoure.jpg
Caro 4contraintes-inter.jpg
Caro fusionCsouples.jpg
Caro SCP.jpg

Caro phantom small.jpg

Geometric Modeling, Simulation and Interaction

Adaptative and multiresolution volumic model

Volume subdivision of a torus with genus 3, modeled as a set of general polyhedra.
Automatic cell labeling to implicitly define a mesh hierarchy.
Pierre cube catmullclark.jpg
Pierre horse quadtriangle.jpg
Pierre bunny sqrt3.jpg

Detecting collisions in dynamic environments

Crowd simulation - Agents moving through mobile objects (red)
Crowd simulation - geographic data imported from OpenStreetMap
Crowd simulation - Building made of multiple levels
Crowd simulation - Virtual planet
Crowd simulation - Extreme topologies supported!

Virtual reality devices

Spidar & workbench
Gloves & wand
Haptic device's effector
Camera for position tracking

Real time simulation of cuts and tearing

An augmented elastic object undergoing large deformations and topological changes.
Augmented surgery sequence in medical environment.
Augmented surgery sequence in medical environment.

Separation of degrees of freedom for manipulating objects

Study on the impact of degrees of freedom splitting for interaction in immersive environment.

Distances perception factor in virtual environments

Principle of hybrid projection and the various parameters used for the scene rendering.
The left picture shows the scene rendered with the standard perspective projection. The right picture shows an example from the same viewpoint with the hybrid projection. On the left picture, the user cannot see the chair legs in front of him.
Example of virtual visits: different location during the visit of a furnished house. Navigation path is represented by the green "breadcrumb".

Appearance and Movement

Motion capture devices


Shape analysis, registration, and segmentation of movement data

[2-MSC15] Dynamic feature points detected by our AniM-DoG framework are illustrated on a number of selected frames of animated meshes. The color of a sphere represents the temporal scale (from blue to red) of the feature point, and the radius of the sphere indicates the spatial scale.
Given a pair of animated meshes exhibiting semantically similar motion, we compute a sparse set of feature points on each mesh and compute spatial correspondences among them so that points with similar motion behavior are put in correspondence.

3D scanning and appearence digitization devices

Short range structured light scanner
Mid range time of flight laser scanner
Photography gears

3D Reconstruction of digitized objects (Détail)

Pipeline for reconstructing 3D objects from digitization data


NUM Venus.png
Aphro render.png

Appearance reconstruction

Pipeline for the texturing of digitized 3D models from a set of pictures
Bear statue, cathedral of Strasbourg. From left: picture, 3D model reconstructed after geometry acquisition (35M points), textured 3D model reconstructed after appearance acquisition (55 pictures).
Bull statue, cathedral of Strasbourg. From left: picture, 3D model reconstructed after geometry acquisition (22M points), textured 3D model reconstructed after appearance acquisition (28 pictures).
Digital copies of three Dogon masks. From left: adone mask (antelope), kanaga mask, bird mask with a dege at the top of it.
Digital copy of a Hogon cup. Left-hand side: the cup fully assembled; right-hand side: each single piece presented separately.
Digital copies of two dege (female figurines).
Comparison between colour texture and light field. Reflections improve realism and offer a better understanding on the nature of the materials the object is made of.
Dragon. Geometry: 18.2M triangles. Texture: light field.
Mask1. Geometry: 7.7M triangles. Texture: light field.
Mask2. Geometry: 8.7M triangles. Texture: colour.
[2-VSGL13] Starting from a set of photos obtained from hand-held shooting, a virtual representation of the appearance of an object is reconstructed. This appearance especially encodes specular effects.
[2-VSKL15] 3D virtual objects with their appearances are simplified: the goal is to reduce their size while minimizing the loss of visual quality.

Texture modeling and synthesis

[2-VSLD13] Some textures are synthesized on-the-fly on the GPU from texture samples at multiple scales.
[2-GSVD14] Some textures are synthesized on-the-fly on the GPU, based on a spectral analysis.
[2-LSAD16] Some multi-scale label-maps are obtained with our texture analysis method. A possible application is interactive texture editing.
Volumetric texture
MegaTexel texture

Précédents travaux


Volumetric visualization
Volumetric visualization
Ambient occlusion
Fluid simulation
Real-time rendering of refractive objects

Detection and caracterization of cavities in proteins (Détail)


Modeling of blood vessels for navigation

Vaiss 2.jpg
Vaiss 0.png
Vaiss 1.jpg

Deformation models

Dogme in VR

Meshes reconstruction from voxel images (Détail)

Simultaneous reconstruction
Aorta & skeleton

Geological layers exploration in immersive environment

Geolo wb.jpg
Geolo pilote.jpg
Geolo select.jpg

Terrain editing in immersive environment

Terrain editing
Terrain editing
CCube Menu
Terrain editing

Multi-resolution edition in immersive environment


Digitization of a building with ExRealis